The MUNCH community has spoken: Yellow Brick Road Project

3 min readMay 22, 2021

The Yellow Brick Road Project has been selected as our latest charity partner

MUNCH has selected the Yellow Brick Road Project as its next charity partner

Following a vote between three charitable causes among the holders of MUNCH tokens, The Yellow Brick Project has been selected to receive donations from all MUNCH transactions.

The Yellow Brick Project is the second charity supported by MUNCH, following GiveWell which received over 735 ETH from MUNCH transactions, sold for over $2.2M USD.

MUNCH founder and CEO, Rodrigo Silva said,

We’re over the moon to announce this partnership! MUNCH is all about helping our community make an impact and working with the families of The Yellow Brick Road Project is going to have a major positive effect on many lives and the quest for a cure!’

Who are the Yellow Brick Road Project:

The Yellow Brick Road Project is a charitable foundation whose mission is to fund research to identify, understand, treat, and ultimately cure those impacted by HNRNPH2 mutations.

They fund initiatives to identify more individuals with HNRNPH2 mutations, connect families impacted by HNRNPH2 in order to contribute to the understanding of the disorder, raise awareness of HNRNPH2 mutations, and fund research into HNRNPH2 mutations.

This opportunity has the potential to ensure the current research project with Andlit Therapeutics is seen through to completion and could position our organization to embark upon other projects for critical research that will lead to our final destination: a treatment and cure for patients with HNRNPH2 mutations, our children.’

Trish Flanagan, Co-founder, and President of The Yellow Brick Road Project

Why did the MUNCH community choose The Yellow Brick Road Project?

Being able to react and move quickly is part of the DNA of the MUNCH project. Because we’re community-led we want to hear about issues where we can have an impact that we might otherwise not be aware of.

With this in mind, we were introduced to The Yellow Brick Road Project. After contacting them and learning about their work, we discovered a unique case.

The Yellow Brick Road Project is a charity started by families affected by a rare mutation in the HNRNPH2 gene. This mutation leads to developmental delay, intellectual disability, hypotonia, and seizures, among other characteristics.

But, because it is rare and difficult to diagnose, support and effective treatment are difficult to come by. Without awareness of the issue, a constant stream of funding is hard to come by.

In respect to funding, The Yellow Brick Road Project also has a specific funding target that the MUNCH project can have a huge impact on. This year, they contracted a research team with a cost of $420,000 and require $100,000 by July 2021 in order to maintain this project and not lose the progress they have made so far.

We put it to the vote and the community responded. The contributions from the MUNCH community will hopefully go a long way to helping this team not just help people affected but actually eradicate this genetic mutation.

How will the donation destination be changed?

The charity chosen to receive funds can be changed by changing the ETH address in the contract. This contract will be updated within 24 hoursand checked against The Yellow Brick Road’s public address here, to ensure full transparency.

Every MUNCH transaction is subject to a 10% fee. 5% is converted to Ether at the point of transaction and automatically sent to the charity. The remaining 5% is redistributed between holders of MUNCH.

What are the next steps?

Donations from MUNCH transactions will be automatically sent in ETH to the Yellow Brick Road Project’s address.

MUNCH will track all donations here and the actual transactions can be viewed on Etherscan at any time by checking the token contract here.

The Yellow Brick Road Project can then convert this ETH into FIAT at any time, or choose to hold the ETH, as they see fit.

Donations will be sent for two weeks, during which time the charity and partnership team at MUNCH will continue to vet new charities and causes for the community to choose from in the next vote.

Thank you for being part of MUNCH!

We want to thank the Yellow Brick Road Project for their support and due diligence in this partnership, and thank the MUNCH community for their continued support, input, and help.




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